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gyrobus prototpe in seebach
The Gyrobus prototype in Zürich Seebach in Spring 1950. MFO/TMZ

gyrobus prototpe at zürich airport
The Gyrobus prototype at Zürich airport in October 1950 following a succesful demonstartion run with dignitaries from Zü:rich's administration, VBZ and MFO. Bjarne Storsand, chief engineer at MFO and father of the Grobus is on the far right of the photoraph. MFO/TMZ

glattbrugg gyrobus
The prototype Gyrobus in public service in 1950, passing through Glattbrugg en-route for the airport. MFO/TMZ

gyrobus prototype in yverdon
The Gyrobus prototype on Place Bel-Air in Yverdon, late 1950. The Gyrobus is recharging its flwheel, collecting power from the overhead structure by the three large contact blades. The smaller contacts to the left are to activate the power supply and earth the vehicle body. MFO/Tram magazine

gyrobus prototype
Drawing of the Gyrobus prototype. MFO/Tram magazine

Schematic explaining the basic functioning of the Gyrobus . Translation: (1) Flywheel, (2) Traction motor, (3) Capacitors, (4) Battery for auxiliary supply, (5) Roof contacts, (6) Activation and earthing contacts, (7) Switchgear for speed control, (8) Switchgear for torque control, (9) Selector for 7, (10) Selector for 8, (11) Charging mast, (12) Activation breakers for charging, (13) Inductive limiters for charging current MFO/TMZ

gyrobus flywheel
Flywheel for a Gyrobus . Schweizerische Bauzeitung/Tram magazine

gyrobus flywheel
Flywheel for a Gyrobus being assembled in Oerlikon in 1954. The electric motor can be seen in the centre. The flywheel itself is the steel disk below it. The components of further flywheels are visible in the background. MFO/TMZ

yverdon gyrobus on test
Yverdon Gyrobus number 1 on a test run at an unidentified location in Zürich's suburbs in 1953. MFO/Tram magazine

gyrobus lineup in léopoldville
Lineup of Gyrobuses outside the main railway station of Léopoldville, Belgian Congo (now Kinshasa, Democractic Republic of Congo). MFO/TMZ

gent gyrobus
A Gyrobus for the Gent — Merelbeke service shortly after delivery in 1956. MFO/Tram magazine

The search for "gyrobus" returned 12 items:
The search criteria matched 1 categories containing 11 pictures.